Our Story

We have been breeding Angus Cattle since the 1950’s. We are passionate believers in the Angus Breed! Our performance track record is a genuine reflection on the success that our clients have obtained as a result of using Clunie Range Genetics. our footprint continues to grow, selling bulls into every state of the country. 

We have always considered ourselves commercial breeders first and foremost. This has heavily influenced our breeding philosophy. Our cow herd has always worked for us rather than the other way around. With fertility being the most significant contributor to profitability, for generations we have semen-tested and morphology tested all our bulls. This combined with ensuring that the cow herd falls pregnant under high stocking rates, meaning that we can reap the rewards for the focus on fertility.

With a background rich in history of retained ownership and value adding, we have been able to follow our product as far as Korea and as a result, we know that our cattle perform where it counts – In the Boning Room! 



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