Clunie Range Queenslander Q311

Sire: Baldridge Beast Mode B074

Dam: Aberdeen Estate Laura J81

Birthdate: 31.05.2019

From the same dam as Clunie Range Legend, this young superstar is probably the deepest, widest standing bull bred at Clunie Range. He has an outstanding top-line, is deep, thick and heavily muscled. Legend Is known for excellent structure and being a bull that can improve feet, leg angle and stance. We think this maternal brother will also be known for having the same impeccable structure. His EBV set is excellent but this is a young bull that has genuine capacity, depth of body and an excellent top-line. He is just special! 

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Clunie Range Quality Time Q327

Sire: G A R Scalehouse 

Dam: Clunie Range Princess H381

Birthdate: 11.07.2019

Quality time has extremely impressive performance data, with an excellent phenotype. He moves effortlessly on well-structured feet and legs. He has serious stud sire appeal. Q327 is slick-skinned and is as long as a train with outstanding muscle shape and top-line. His dam, Princess H381, has son’s working in the Northern Territory, Cloncurry, Aramac and South Australia – all with glowing reports including sires at Granite Ridge and Ascot. We are really excited about the potential for this bull that has excellent frame, length, style and data to support. We are using this sire very heavily in our program.

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Clunie Range Plantation P392

Sire: Baldridge Beast Mode B074

Dam: Clunie Range Naomi M516 

Birthdate: 27.07.2018

Backed by one of the most powerful Naomi cow families that we use heavily, Agri Gene have described this bull as one fo the best beast mode son’s ever bred. During the severe drought we endured Plantation was one of the first bulls selected on phenotype for the job of joining to some stud heifers we had on agistment on the Northern Territory Border. He has the presence of a stud sire which is combined with an exceptional set of EBV’s that should make him hard to look past when selecting your sires this year! 

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Clunie Range Kookaburra K102

Sire: Clunie Range Highlight H411

Dam: Clunie Range D3

Birthdate: 01.10.2014

A deep, thick-set powerful bull with exceptional skin-type! K102 was purchased by Palgrove Beef and has played an important role for them in their Ultra Black Program. 

Clunie Range Legend L348

Sire: Matauri Reality 839

Dam: Aberdeen Estate Laura J81

Birthdate: 09.07.2015

Legend really has lived up to his name. He has been an impressive animal since just a calf. He was the best flush of seven high-quality calves. He has tremendous thickness, depth of body and outstanding top-line. His muscle content is matched with a fantastic skin-type and he oozes softness & doing ability. 

Clunie Range Kahlua K330

Sire: Milwillah Gatsby G279

Dam: Clunie Range Princess H381

Birthdate: 15.07.2014


K330 is a genuine stud sire and attracted leading stud masters interest from a really young age. We have used him heavily within our program and highly regard his performance. He is a stylish bull with excellent structure and great presence. 

Musgrave Stunner 316

Sire: LD Capitalist 

Dam: Mcatl Blackbird 831-1378

Birthdate: 19.02.2016

LD Capitalist 316

Sire: Connealy Capitalist 028

Dam: LD Dixie Erica 2053

Birthdate: 26.01.2013

Musgrave Exclusive 316

Sire: LD Capitalist 316

Dam: Musgrave Prim Lassie 

Birthdate: 06.02.2015

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